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Who’s Augur for?

For people — whether advanced traders or casual betters — who want to actively place bets  on sports and politics but are restricted by limits on how much they can bet, what they can bet on, where they can bet from, or are de-platformed by services if they show signs of winning too much, Augur is the world’s most accessible, no-limit betting platform that lets you bet on anything, in any amount, from anywhere, at any time.

Unlike online platforms and bookies like Betfair, PredictIt, or Pinnacle, Augur places no limits on the amount you can bet in a given market, is accessible no matter where you are located, and takes no more than a nominal network fee to access unbeatable odds. Trade anytime instead of waiting for a market to resolve. Trade on any market that someone else is willing to take the opposing trade, and don’t worry about counterparty risk -- the Augur platform holds funds from each party to ensure that payout is timely and fair.

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