4 Political Trading Podcasts to Follow this Election Season

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If trading politics is your thing, strap in.

Recently, there has been an uptick in podcasts focused specifically on placing (and profiting from) political bets and trades.

During the 2016 election cycle, there was only one such podcast, Election Profit Makers. This cycle, four separate podcasts, including EPM, have emerged to serve the needs of those looking for an edge in trading politics.

One highlight of these shows is the hosts and guests are all making real-money wagers on political markets in real-time. Follow along to hear first-hand trading ideas.

The Political Trade

The Political Trade Podcast (TPT) is the newest newcomer to the group, having just launched this February.

TPT is a product of Tastytrade and Luckbox Magazine and is hosted by Jeff Joseph.

These guys have a prolific release schedule and have managed to lure enticing guests such as top political traders, political strategist James Carville, former White House aid Anthony Scaramucci, and PredictIt founder John Aristotle.

Recent Episode: James Carville: Political Bets and Bracketology

Old Bull TV

Old Bull TV is another newcomer to the political trading media space. Hosted by former PredictIt marketer, Flip Pidot, OBTV weaves through the ins and outs of political events while discussing the trading implications.

Flip has a place in our hearts for his relentless dragging of modeling-centric political commentators; who run websites with numerical monikers and bash the predictive power of markets.

Read to the end for information on an Old Bull TV-sponsored special event for political traders happening TODAY (Friday, April 23rd).

Recent Episode(s): Quarantine Roundtable III

Bonus: Quarantine Roundtable I & II

Star-Spangled Gamblers

The Star-Spangled Gamblers blog, penned by Alex “Keendawg” Saunders is an irreverent take on the political trading lifestyle.

Don’t let the humor fool you. Star-Spangled Gamblers isn’t short on analysis and trading ideas, and the podcast serves as an extension of the blog in this regard. Keendawg shines in either solo or group work; occasionally bringing on the trader as a guest. He’ll be sure to leave you with a profitable trade and a sore gut.

Recent Episode: Getting Klobbered Betting on Veeps + NY Primary Cancelation?

Election Profit Makers

Political Podcast 'Election Profit Makers' Returns For 2020 Run ...

Election Profit Makers is the OG political trading podcast, dating all the way back to 2016. The show is hosted by David Rees (writer on FXX’s Forthcoming), Starlee Kine (of This American Life and Gimlet’s Mystery Show), and Jon Kimball.

EPM provides an entertaining look at analyzing and trading political prediction markets.

Recent Episode: Celebrity Guest Investors Paul F. Tompkins and Janie Haddad Tompkins

Bonus I: Philip Tetlock (Superforecasters) + Tyler Cowen

Bonus II: 2020 Political Prediction Conference

Today only. Free Registration.

This 1st-of-its-kind, virtual political prediction conference puts you in a room with leading election forecasters, statisticians, developers and professional traders (gamblers?), united by the common theme of trying to see around political corners.

The conference will help you better understand the state of the art of political forecasting and how it's being upturned by technology, an already unpredictable electoral cycle, and now a truly unprecedented societal/economic environment.

Never before has the ability to effectively anticipate and mitigate political uncertainty been more valuable (or more scarce).

Starting at 1 p.m. (ET) on Friday, April 24, the afternoon will include several 45-minute thematic sessions (primarily moderated panel discussions), with time for participant Q&A at the end of each session.


  • 1:00 EST Opening remarks (Flip Pidot, American Civics Exchange and Old Bull TV)

  • 1:15 EST Models vs. Markets (Harry Crane, Associate Professor of Statistics and Co-Graduate Director, Rutgers University)

  • 2:00 EST Black Boxes and Black Swans: A Disrupter's Guide to Better Election Forecasting (Rachel Bitecofer, Wason Center for Public Policy at Christopher Newport University, Senior Fellow at the Niskasen Center)

  • 3:00 EST Predicting Across the Pond: How Cultures & Regulators Help or Hinder Markets' Ability to See the Future (Patrick Young, Intrade co-founder; Matthew Shaddick, Ladbrokes Head of Politics Betting; Sarbjit Bakhshi, Smarkets Head of Political Markets)

  • 4:00 EST Pro Political Traders Share their Secrets (Jeff Joseph, Luckbox Magazine and The Political Trade podcast; Derek Phillips; Pratik Chougule; Jason Pipkin)

  • 5:00 EST Mapmaker, Mapmaker: The Whiz Kids of Political Cartography (Eric Cunningham, Elections Daily; Drew Savicki, freelance political analyst/mapper; J. Miles Coleman, UVA Center for Politics)

  • 5:45 EST Closing remarks

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